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Welcome new user!

This section will familiarize you with basic ClipMate operation, so that you can be productive as quickly as possible.  Here is a general overview of the main ClipMate "Classic" Window, which we'll use for the first few lessons:


ClipMate Classic closely resembles previous versions of ClipMate, and takes up much less space than ClipMate Explorer.  It features a menu, a toolbar, and a drop-down list of Clips (the ClipList). In the picture to the right, it is shown in the "dropped-down" state, where you see a ClipList and a slimmed-down version of the preview/edit window.


Tip: Note that the new ClipMate ClipBar, which embeds itself into the windows Taskbar, has all of the capability of ClipMate Classic. It actually IS ClipMate Classic, split into two pieces. The toolbar piece resides in the taskbar, and when you click the "drop-down arrow", the rest is summoned.  So you can use the ClipBar for the tutorial, if you like.


Tip: The screenshots on this page are using the new "Skin" interface. Here, we show "MX49". Your ClipMate may look different if you have selected a different skin, or have turned them off.


First, a bit about navigation.

If ClipMate doesn't already look like either of the above, then you're likely in ClipMate Explorer, which is a 3-pane layout.  Please use the View | Open ClipMate Classic menu, or the click the toolbar button that looks like this: , or press Ctrl+E, to switch to ClipMate Classic.  Note that you can easily move back and forth between Classic and Explorer with the Ctrl+E key, or by pressing the "toggle Classic/Explorer" toolbar button:



The "Drop-Down" list at the bottom of the window is what we'll focus on for now.  Here is where new items "show up" when captured by ClipMate.  Although it only shows one item right now, if you click on the button at the far right end, it will "drop-down" to show the titles of all items.  It should now look like the image in the upper-right of this page.



But if you're new, it is probably empty, right?  So let's get some data!



Lesson 1: Basic Operation
Lesson 2: PowerPaste
Lesson 3: Glue
Lesson 4: QuickPaste
Lesson 5: Editing
Lesson 6: QuickPick
Lesson 7: Shortcuts


 We have several online "viewlets" that will SHOW you the tutorial as a live, online demo.  Visit our online viewlet page to see what we've added since this help topic was created.