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The ClipMate Explorer is well suited for data management and editing, as opposed to the quick access focus of Classic and ClipBar.

We've based ClipMate Explorer on the Microsoft Windows Explorer interface, and have incorporated drag 'n' drop support to speed data management tasks, and minimize the learning curve.

As you can see in the screen shot below, ClipMate Explorer is an expansion of the Traditional View, replacing the drop-down list with three new panes: Collection Tree on the left, ClipList on the right, and Edit/Preview beneath the ClipList.  There are re-sizable "splitter" bars between the panes, and the QuickPaste toolbar is at the bottom.

ClipMate Explorer as viewed with the "Longhorn" skin.

ClipMate Explorer as viewed with the "Longhorn" skin.

Collection Tree Height

You can choose to have a full-height collection tree, making Explorer look like it did with version 5 (tall Collection Tree, narrow Editor).  See the "General" panel in the Options dialog.

Accessing Explorer

If you are in Classic, use the "Switch Between Classic / Explorer" button to go back and forth, or use Ctrl+E.  If Explorer is already loaded (but hidden from the screen), it should come up instantly. Otherwise there will be a slight delay while the Explorer window is constructed and populated. If you use Explorer frequently, you can opt to have it load at startup. See the Visibility tab in the options dialog.


Toolbar Buttons...
Collection Tree
Preview/Edit Window