Lesson 1: Basic Operation


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One at a time, highlight each of the next lines with your mouse, and then press Ctrl+C.  (Copy them right out of this help system)  If you have ClipMate's "sounds" enabled, you'll hear little "pops" as you copy each.




Chicken Parmesan





If you've done this correctly, then ClipMate will now display "Egg" in the drop-down list of items.  Now, pull down the list you should see all of the items that you copied. Note that this is where ClipMate differs drastically from the standard Windows Clipboard the "old" Clipboard would only show you the last item copied, but ClipMate has them all.


Now open NOTEPAD (the little text editor that comes with Windows.)  It should be in Start | Programs | Accessories | Notepad

From within Notepad, paste from the Clipboard, using Edit | Paste, or the Ctrl+V shortcut.  You get "Egg".  No surprise here.

Now, from ClipMate's drop-down list (the ClipList). Pick the entry titled "Apple".  Go back to Notepad and paste again.  You get "Apple".  Isn't that neat?  Repeat the process for all 5 items.


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