How do I remove blank lines?

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For simple line-break removal, use the line-break removal tool. This strips out single line-breaks that chop up paragraphs, letting the paragraph flow together.  Double-breaks, which usually indicate blank lines that you want to keep, are left alone.  You can force it to remove ALL breaks by holding down the SHIFT key.

For more complex tasks, such as removing ONLY the double or triple breaks, converting double-breaks into single, etc., you can use the Text Cleanup function, which has a "regular expression" find & replace.  Simply replace two breaks with one, or three breaks with two, or whatever you need. You'll find examples here.

Tip:  Turn on the "show non-printing characters" option, sometimes known as "reveal codes", to show you where the line-breaks are.  They'll look like this: ΒΆ