New Features In ClipMate 7, 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3

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New Features

Printing (7.3) - ClipMate's printing engine has been re-written, and now offers a "paper saver" feature, allowing multiple clips to print on a single page, if space allows. Graphics can be multi-printed too, and there's an override so that large graphics will still print on their own pages.
Portable Drives (7.2) - ClipMate can now run from a portable USB "thumb drive", allowing you to take ClipMate to any Windows PC.  The program, data, and registration key are all completely portable.  ClipMate is Certified on "U3 Smart" drives!
Flexible Paths and Settings (7.2) - You can now specify the temp and log directories.  You can have settings stored in .ini files instead of the registry.
Command-Line Parameters (7.2) - have expanded considerably, including the "STOP" option which can be used to halt ClipMate for unattended backups.
Vista Clipboard Notification (7.2) - On Windows Vista, there is a new way for ClipMate to be notified of clipboard updates. This means no more reliance on the old "clipboard viewer chain", and makes the troublesome "keepalive" and "clipboard re-connect" procedures unnecessary.
Vista Enhancements (7.2)- ClipMate uses the new "Task Dialog", and screen fonts will default to Segoe UI.  Other minor cosmetic fixes.
Screen Capture Expanded (7.2) - Multi-Monitor capture is expanded with dedicated buttons for screens 2 through 8.
XML Import/Export (7.1) - Allows you to share clips with other users, or synchronize multiple databases.  If you move from one computer to another, you can export the new/changed clips, and then import into the other database to "sync up".  You can even send XML files to other users to share your favorite clips.
Macro Clips (7.1) - Allow you to designate clips as "macro clips", so that special tokens such as {ENTER}, {TAB}, #DATE#, etc., will be "expanded". This allows the insertion of ENTER, TAB, and modifiers like CTRL+, ALT+, and SHIFT+ to perform "live" as the item is virtually "typed into" the target program.  This allows limited navigation within the target app, such as entering a TAB between a userid and password, followed by an ENTER.
Universal QuickPaste - Available from within Explorer or Classic. Just double-click on a clip, and it pastes wherever you were working. The new "Auto-Targeting" feature watches to see which application you are working in, so that it knows where to paste data when you double-click on a clip.
ClipBar - Integrates right into the windows taskbar, showing the current clip, and up to two rows of toolbar buttons. It's completely customizable so that you can have your most frequently used ClipMate commands right on the taskbar. It's integrated with QuickPaste, giving you quick access to your clips right on the windows taskbar.  And you can always see what's on the clipboard!
External Drag 'n Drop - You can now drag text, rich text and graphic clips right into any OLE-compliant application like Word, Internet Explorer, FireFox, TextPad, etc.. You can also drag portions of a text clip from the editing window directly into other programs. And internal drag/drop has been enhanced as well, such as when dragging a clip into the editor.
Virtual Collections - Show you all clips captured Today, last 7 days, and last 31 days.
Templates - add title, URL, date/time, or any boilerplate text to clips as they are pasted. It's like a "mail-merge", built right in.  Similar to the "format strings" in QuickPaste, but will work in all situations, and is compatible with PowerPaste.
Screen Capture - Dual-monitor capture is now supported, with mouse pointer capture.
Toolbar Customization - the toolbars on the Editor, ClipBar, Classic and Explorer are all customizable. Just right-click on an empty part of the bar, or a button that doesn't otherwise have a pop-up menu, and you can add/remove/move buttons.  This is especially useful with the new ClipBar, allowing you to position buttons for your most frequently-used commands.
User Interface improvements feature easy "stay on top" toggling with transparency, more flexible choices with ClipMate Classic layout, and visually pleasing "skins".

Other Enhancements

RSS-enabled "ClipMate News and Updates" feature keeps both you AND your software up-to-date.
Outbound Filtering is now "active", meaning that if enabled, any new clip arriving on the clipboard is immediately overwritten by a "plain text" or "plain bitmap" version, without the fancy formats such as HTML, RTF, OLE, etc..
Graphic storage in PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format, with comparable space savings to JPEG with no loss of image quality.
Export - The Export function can now prompt for filenames. Graphic clips can be exported directly to PNG files, along witih JPG and BMP as before.
URL highlighting in editor can now be turned on/off, enabling editing of text with URLs.
Database compatibility with ClipMate 6.5 - eases transitioning, with proven reliability.
Additional hotkeys (7.1) for manual clip capture, toggling auto-capture, and manual filtering.
Improved Unicode Support (7.1)