Drag 'n' Drop

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The User Interface > Preview/Edit Window > Text/Edit Tab > Drag 'n' Drop

ClipMate's Text Editor features drag and drop capability.  You can drag and drop text within the editor to re-arrange data, and you can drag 'n' drop other Clips into a Clip, providing an on-the-fly composition of Clips from other Clips.  And you can even drag portions of clips into other programs such as FireFox, IE, or Word.

Local Editing

Just select some text and drag within the editor. Drop when ready. That re-arranges text within the clip.  Hold CTRL to "clone" the highlighted text, otherwise it will move it.

Combining Clips

First, click the "tack" icon to prevent the editor from scrolling to other clips.  Now it is editing just THIS clip, and you can drag/drop other text clips into this one, to combine several clips into one.

For example, let's say that you have fragments of someone's name and address in the current collection, but you need to have them all combined into one Clip.  You can simply create a new Clip, set the "tack" icon, and then Drag 'n' Drop the pieces of the address into the editor, composing the address on the fly.  This is similar to the Glue feature, but offers more flexibility.

External Drag and Drop - Drag Into Other Programs

Sometimes you want to move PART of a clip into another program.  That's easy with the "external drag/drop". First, click the external drag/drop button. It looks like this:

When selected,this changes the behavior of drag/drop, so that instead of dragging text around within a clip, you can drop it into other programs like Word, IE, FireFox, TextPad, Outlook Express, etc..  Not all programs allow this!  They have to support OLE Drag and Drop for TEXT.  Notepad, for example, does NOT work. Turn the button off, to return to internal drag/drop.

Notes / Troubleshooting

If you can't drag/drop within a clip, you may have inadvertently turned on the extrnal drag/drop. See the topic above.
Drag/drop only works with plain text. Drag/drop editing of RTF, HTML, Bitmap, etc., is not supported.