Command Line Parameters

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There are a few command-line options that can be used, either by modifying a shortcut, calling from a batch file, or entering in a command window. Some are purely diagnostic.

ClipMate Command Line Parameters

STOP - Halts previously-running instance of ClipMate by sending it a kill message.  Useful when using external overnight backup programs.
Must be first and only parameter
ex: ClipMate.exe STOP
NOCAPTURE - Start ClipMate with autocapture=false
Must be first parameter
ex: ClipMate.exe NOCAPTURE

The following ClipMate parameters can be in any position

INIDIR=(path) - specifies location for ClipMate_Settings.ini file. This will override all other settings storage options.
ex: ClipMate.Exe INIDIR="D:\data\ClipMate\"
ex: ClipMate.Exe INIDIR="{EXE_DRIVE}:\data\ClipMate\"
TEMPDIR=(path) - Location for temp files. Do NOT set this to a removable drive.
ex: TEMPDIR="c:\temp"
ex: TEMPDIR="{APPDATA}\ClipMateTemp"
LOGDIR=(path) - Location for log files. Do NOT set this to a removable drive.
ex: LOGDIR="c:\temp\ClipMateLog"
TEMPLATEDIR=(path) - Location for template directory
DB1DIR=(path) - Location for first database
ex: DB1DIR="{EXE_DRIVE}:\documents\ClipMateDatabase
DB1NAME=(name) - Name for first database.
ex: DB1NAME="USB Clips"
Signifies special processing for U3 or PortableApps.Com portable framework.

Registration Related - License Manager Parameters.

INFO - Displays registration name and key
ex: ClipMate.Exe INFO
SHOWNETUSERS - Displays all computers using the same registration key as this computer.
REGISTER - Displays the "backdoor" Enter Key dialog (useful if you get locked out with expired/piracy problems, and now need to re-enter a good registration code).

Portable Versions

When run from a portable drive running either "U3 Smart" or "PortableApps" frameworks, ClipMate normally runs from a launcher, and it is not possible to modify the command line directly.  With U3, that's usually not a problem as U3 is pretty strict about the location of various files.  With PortableApps, you can modify the ClipMate_Portable.ini file in the launcher directory, which will pass your preferences on the command-line when it calls ClipMate.  See the included readme.txt file.

With either U3 or PortableApps, it IS possible to call the ClipMate.Exe program directly, to perform the STOP command.