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Options and Configuration > Options Dialog > Hotkeys

There are several hotkeys that can activate ClipMate functions even when you are working in another application. These are known as Global Hotkeys.  Since only one application can be assigned to a particular hotkey sequence, it is possible for conflicts to arise.  For that reason, and for user convenience, the hotkeys are changeable in this dialog.

To change a hotkey, position the mouse within the desired hotkey control, and type in the hotkey sequence.  You can insert "Alt+", "Ctrl+", "Shift+", and "Win+" from the right-click menu.

Once you have set the hotkey, you must TEST the hotkey to see if ClipMate is able to reserve the hotkey in Windows.  This is a "spot check" to see if there is a conflict with keys already reserved by applications that are running right now, or if your selected hotkey isn't valid.

Valid Keys:

You can use a-z, A-Z, 0-9, F1-F12, Insert, Up, Down, Left, Right, PgUp, PgDn, End, Home.

They are used in combination with the Ctrl, Alt, Shift, and the "Windows" modification keys.  Separate with the Plus (+) symbol.  The modification keys go first.

ex:  Ctrl+Shift+Q, Ctrl+Alt+C, Win+V, Ctrl+F12, Win+PgUp 

Invalid Key Combinations

Some key combinations are unwise!  Shift+A, for instance, would make it impossible for you to type a capital A.  It is also unwise to map the standard cut/copy/paste (Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Shift+Ins) keys, as this would hinder your ability to copy/paste, and would render QuickPaste inoperative.

Hotkey Commands

Show ClipMate Window

This will bring either ClipMate Classic or ClipMate Explorer to the foreground.  It is essentially the same as clicking on the system tray icon.

Scroll To Next / Previous Item In Collection

Activates the next or previous clip in the current collection.

Activate QuickPaste

Brings ClipMate up in QuickPaste mode.  See: QuickPaste for more information.

Region / Object Screen Capture

Initiate either of these two screen capture modes.  See: Screen Capture for more information.

View Clip In Floating Window

Opens a floating view/edit window.  Very handy when the viewer within Classic is too small (or isn't active).  Tip: use ESC to dismiss the window when you are done with it.

Pop-Up ClipBar List

Same as clicking the drop-down arrow on the ClipList. This gives you a keyboard-centric way of dealing with ClipList.

Toggle Auto-Capture

Turns auto-capture on/off, allowing you to suspend/resume the automatic capture of new clipboard clips

Manual Capture

Useful when Auto-Capture is turned off, this will capture the current clipboard contents.

Manual Filter

Similar to the "filter outbound clips", but it filters the clipboard immediately, without the automatic filter being turned on.  This will essentially update the clipboard, removing all formats except for Plain Text (or Bitmap, if it's a graphic clip, without Text present).


ClipMate does not have hotkey support for individual clips.  Instead, use the Shortcut facility for assigning "key sequences" such as ".cc.v.n" to individual clips, accessible within QuickPaste.