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ClipMate 7 F.A.Q.

ClipMate Clipboard Extender Support

(Frequently Asked Questions)


License / Registration

Q: Is ClipMate 7 a free upgrade?
A: Only if you purchased ClipMate 6.5 after Oct 15, 2004.  Otherwise, it is discounted for all other owners of ClipMate 6.  If you have registered ClipMate 6, you can upgrade to ClipMate 7 for $19.95.  If you purchased ClipMate 6.5 after Oct 15, 2004, then you will receive a free upgrade key via e-mail, to the same account that you used when you registered.  There is no discount when upgrading from versions older than 6.0.

Q: My ClipMate 6 key won't work anymore in ClipMate 7. What gives?
A: See above. 

Q: I am a LAN Administrator with hundreds of workstations. Do I need to enter that key on all of them?
A: We have resources for large-scale deployments here.

Upgrading from version 6

Q: Do I need to uninstall version 6?
A: You can leave version 6 installed until you have transitioned over to version 7, then uninstall it. Uninstalling will not remove any data, regardless whether you have opted to re-use the ClipMate6 database.

Q: What's this about "renaming the database"?
A: For convenience, ClipMate 7 can copy the settings from version 6, and use the same database directory.  Rather than leaving the database directory named "ClipMate6", it can rename it to "ClipMate7", as long as no other programs are accessing that directory.  So this lets ClipMate 7 "take over" the old database directory. This can be confusing if you then go back and run ClipMate 6. It won't see any database, and will create a new one with the original name.  In this case, go into Tools | Options | Databases, and point the database path to the new directory (created when v7 renamed it to "ClipMate"). Now both v6 and v7 will see the same database.

Q: I went back to v6, and the data is gone!
A: Not gone, just renamed - if you allowed v7 to rename the directory. See the above topic. The solution is to tell v6 where the data has moved to.

Q: I've used ClipMate 6 for years and years. Do I get a free upgrade?
A: No, sorry. 

Q: How do I move my v6 data into v7?
A: With 7.2 and later, use File | Database Maintenance | Restore From Backup, to read your last v6 database into v7.  This eliminates the confusing database upgrade process that was the root of the "renaming the database" question above.


Q: How do I activate the ClipBar?
A: Here is the help topic, and here is a flash demonstration, showing how to set it up. And it also shows how to use it. 

Q: I have activated the ClipBar, but it doesn't show up
A: Make sure that the taskbar isn't LOCKED. Right-click on taskbar, and make sure that there is no checkmark next to "lock the taskbar".

Q: The ClipBar does not show up on the menu.
A: Sometimes Windows doesn't realize that a new toolbar is available. You may need to "wake it up" by re-sizing the taskbar, or by lock/un-locking it. This is usually enough to get it to see the new entry in the "toolbars" sub-menu. In some cases, a re-boot may be required.

Q: Why does "ClipBar Dock Panel" appear?
A: When ClipMate isn't running, or when it IS running but has become disconnected from the taskbar, you will see a "placeholder" panel on the taskbar that says "ClipBar Dock Panel". This is the portion of the ClipBar that is "owned" by the Taskbar, and is merely an empty frame with a "re-connect" button that will attempt to make ClipMate re-connect, and can sometimes launch ClipMate if it isn't running.
When ClipMate starts, it looks for the dock panel, and if it finds it, will automatically connect. But if you close ClipMate, the dock panel sits "empty". If you don't want to see it, you can use the sizer/gripper to re-size it down to "just about nothing", or you can turn it off by de-activating it from the right-click menu (on any OTHER spot on the taskbar).

Q: I've undocked the dock panel and it's floating on my desktop. Help!
A: Try to re-dock it. If you can't, then close it, and re-activate from the "toolbars" menu that comes up when you right-click on the taskbar. 

Q: I'm running 64-bit Vista (or Windows7/64 or Windows 8/64 or Windows). Why doesn't the ClipBar show up.
A: Upgrade to 7.5, and you will have the 64-bit ClipBar. 


Q: I get "an older version is running" when I try to install or uninstall.
A: ClipMate can't be deleted or replace if it's running. So you have to shut ClipMate down before you can uninstall or re-install it.  Press Ctrl+Alt+C and it should come up on the screen. If so, now you can use File | Exit ClipMate.  If it doesn't come up, you can kill it from the Windows Task Manager. Just press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to bring up the task manager. Then go to the SECOND TAB called "PROCESSES".  You should find a process called ClipMate.Exe. Now you can end the task.

Q: Does ClipMate run on 64-bit Windows (XP/64, Vista/64, Windows7/64, Windows8, Windows10)?

ClipMate runs on those platforms, as a 32-bit application.  This works fine. With ClipMate 7.5, the ClipBar even works.


Unicode Problems - Text copied from non-Ansi languages (Cryllic, Hebrew, Kanji, etc.) show up as ????

In order to handle text in different language "code pages", we need full Unicode support. We expect to have this by year-end 2014.

Vista - ClipMate halts immediately, with "program has encountered a problem".

This is a Data Execution Prevention (DEP) problem. If you turn on DEP for all programs, ClipMate will fail to start, due to a problem between DEP and ClipMate's protection layer (Armadillo).  After months of working with Microsoft, the Armadillo team has a fix, and it's in ClipMate 7.2 (and 7.3).  Prior to that, including ClipMate 6.5, you may need to add ClipMate to the exclusion list in the DEP settings.  DEP is in the "advanced" properties of "Computer".

psapi dll problem with Internet Explorer 7 (psapi.dll)
(Applies to ClipMate 6 and 7)

When upgrading to Internet Explorer 7, you may receive an error such as:

"The procedure entry point GetProcessImageFileNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library PSAPI.dll"

ClipMate has its own copy of psapi.dll for use on older versions of windows. psapi helps ClipMate recognize the program that created a clip.

It's only needed on Windows95/98/ME and NT4. It should not be needed, or installed, on 2000, XP or Vista. However, if you installed ClipMate on an older version of windows and then upgraded, it may still the there. It can also be installed by the ClipMate 6 installer (which isn't as smart as the 7.x one).

In any event, it's not needed on Windows2000, XP, or Vista. And it's causing trouble when Internet Explorer 7.0 has been installed.

If you receive this error after upgrading to Internet Explorer 7, just remove psapi.dll from c:\program files\clipmate6 or c:\program files\clipmate7. If it says it can't be removed, then ClipMate is still running. Close it from the "processes" tab of the task manager (ctrl+alt+del gets you to the task manager), and try again.

Note: ClipMate 6 and 7 run fine with IE7, once you get past this little problem.  And so far, IE7 seems very sold and quite nice. The tabs are great, and my favorite IE7 tip:
Open tabs for all sites that you visit daily, and set that whole group of tabs as your "home page". Now whenever you start IE7 or click the "home" button, it opens all of your favorite sites.

Q: Will ClipMate 7 run on Vista?
A: Yes, it runs very nicely, and 7.2 takes advantage of several Vista features such as the new Task Dialog, and clipboard notification functions.  There are some limitations: 
The "Skins" conflict with Vista, so turn those off in Tools | OPtions | Visual.

We have a Vista page, that talks more about Vista, and has some nice screenshots.

Q: Lockup on Windows98/ME
A: Some users are having problem with the "skins" when running on Windows98 or ME.  ClipMate will lock up immediately when you first run it.  The only option is to disable the skins by deleting the skins directory in \program files\clipmate7\skins. Just delete the directory, and re-start. Starting on March 20, 2006, the installer will NOT allow the installation of the skins on windows 95/98/ME. 

Q: All of my e-mail gets copied to ClipMate. Stop It!!
A: Are you running Outlook Express? If so, do you have any add-ons, such as Plaxo?  It's likely that some add-on is copying the data to the clipboard without your knowledge/consent.  Please see this article and this discussion on our forum.

Q: How do I make ClipMate Classic (or QuickPaste) show a second ClipList or Editor?
A: From the menu: View | Classic Options, then "open/closesecond cliplist" or "open/close Viewer".

Q: The "Tack" is missing - where did it go?
A: The tack has been moved to be right next to the drop-down arrow. Drop it down, and the tack should appear.   Here is a picture.
Also, there's the Editor Tack, which is still on the editor toolbar.  Enable the editor toolbar by right-clicking within the text editor, if it's hiding.

Q: The menus are all blank!
A: This can happen when the Skins are used while you're runninganother 3rd-party skinning program such as Windowblinds.  In other words,  you've got skins on top of skins.  That won't work. Turn off the skins in Tools | Options | Visual.  But you can't see the menus, so you can't do that easily.  So just delete the skins directory:  \program files\ClipMate7\Skins.  Then re-start the program, and THEN turn off the option. It's important to turn it off, and not just delete the directory. Because if you update ClipMate, the directory will be re-created and the skins are back.
Alternately, you can tell the other skinning program to leave ClipMate alone.

Q: What is that 4th icon on the toolbar?
A: It's the control for "visibility" (always on top, hide when not focused, or "normal"). See this help topic, with pictures:

Q: How do I change the skins?
A: From the menu: Tools | Options | Visual.  Turn them off, or switch to any skins available, which are stored in the "skins" directory, usually c:\program files\ClipMate7\Skins.
We hope to have more skins available for download from our site soon.

Q: How do I add/remove toolbar buttons in Classic?
A: Right-click on the toolbar, select "customize". You can do this for Explorer, the ClipBar, and the Editor too!

Q: How to I set "always son top" or "auto-hide when not focused"?
A: The On-Top is under the View menu, Visibility.  It's also on the System menu (square box in the upper-left of the Classic and Explorer windows), and if you're using the LongHorn or MX49 skins, there's a 4th button on the titlebar to tweak the "visibility" setting between OnTop/Normal/Auto-Hide.  See the "4th icon" topic above.

Q: Hotkeys are different / How do I assign hotkeys?
A: We've abandoned the hotkey control used in version 6 as it wasn't able to utilize the "WIN" key and unnecessarily restricted some other key combinations as well.  It has been replaced with a "free-form" text box, where you TYPE combinations such as "Ctrl+Alt+C" instead of PRESSING the CTRL, ALT, and C keys simultaneously.  To type "Ctrl", you literally type the C key, then t, r, l.  Then the plus (+) to join keys together.  If using a translation such as German, you can use the local names such as "Strg".
And you can right-click in the window, and it will give you a menu of common accelerators and keys. Select, and that key is inserted. You'll find that you can now easily access special keys like PgUp, End, Home. 

Q: Sizing Issues / window is wrong position, splitter bars, missing editor.
A: ClipMate tries to remember/preserve the size/position of all of the windows and splitter bars. Sometimes the settings get recorded incorrectly, and a recurring problem is that the editor window in ClipMate Explorer gets "pushed" off the screen.  We're working on solutions for this. In the meantime, you can reset the size/position values to their defaults with a button in the "advanced" tab of the options dialog.  From the main menu, see Tools | Options | Advanced.  Then you'll find the reset button for "layout", which encompasses the size/position settings.  Re-start ClipMate, and you should be ok.

Q: PowerPaste Scrolls By Itself / goes crazy / phantom pasting
A: Please see this article.

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