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ClipMate Classic, "rolled-up" to toolbar mode. Just click the drop-down arrow, and it expands to show the ClipList. ClipMate Explorer with a "tall" collection tree The ClipBar integrates with the Windows Taskbar.  The Click-Thru for this image shows the "pop-up" view.
clipboard manager
Floating Editor, "tacked" to a particular clip so that it won't scroll as new clips arrive. Editor Highlighting is turned on, showing all instances of the text "highlight".
ClipMate Explorer, showing a captured Bitmap HTML View, showing captured HTML and Graphics
clipboard software
ClipMate Classic, "rolled-down" and "tacked". Note the tack next to the drop-down arrow, which is holding the window open even when it loses focus.
ClipMate Classic, in both QuickPaste and Shortcut Modes.
The powerful text clean-up dialog lets you get rid of badly-formatted text, including >> marks.
Toolbar Customization. Just right-click on any toolbar, and you can add/remove buttons.
The new powerful and flexible SQL-based search engine.
Annotated ClipMate Explorer, featuring "wide" editor instead of the "tall" tree.
ClipMate Classic on Vista, with Aero Glass (transparent) borders.
ClipMate Explorer on Vista, with Aero Glass (transparent) borders.
ClipMate Explorer on Vista Desktop, showing transparency. ClipBar also visible.
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