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This section deals with which user interface elements should be pre-loaded when you run ClipMate.  ClipMate can run with both Explorer and Classic loaded, either one, or none at all.  It's a trade-off between startup time and responsiveness.  With both interfaces loaded, ClipMate takes more time to come up. But they're ready when you want them.  Furthermore, although you can load them both, only one will show at a time, so you can choose which to display when ClipMate is first run.  Or you can choose to display nothing until you're ready to use them. It's perfectly acceptable to have them both loaded in the background, and showing "nothing".  It's all up to you, and the way that you will use the program.

Load Explorer at Startup - when ClipMate runs, it will pre-load the Explorer window in the background.
Load Classic at Startup - when ClipMate runs, it will pre-load the Classic window in the background.
Intially Show - determines which window to show at startup.  If the selected window is not pre-loaded, it will not actually load/display until you activate ClipMate by clicking on the systray icon, an icon in the ClipBar, or by using the "activate ClipMate" hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+C).
Start ClipMate when Windows starts - this causes ClipMate to load automatically when windows boots up.  If you don't select this option, none of the above options have any effect until you run the program yourself from the Start menu or click on a shortcut on the desktop or quickstart bar.  It works by setting an entry in the "run" section of the registy.  In case you are interested, the key is: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
ClipBar - there is no option here for the ClipBar. ClipMate will automatically load its ClipBar module if it detects the presence of the ClipBar Dock Site, running within the taskbar. If it's there, ClipMate populates it with the ClipBar buttons when it starts, or when you select "connect to ClipBar" under the Tools menu.  See the ClipBar section for more information.

Other Settings

Confirm When Deleting Items From "Safe" Collections?

If you have a collection set to "never delete", you can have an extra measure of protection so that you don't inadvertently delete clips.  You'll receive an "are you sure?" dialog.

Check for Updates and News?

When enabled, ClipMate will poll our server every 5 days to see if updates are available. If updates or new news articles are detected, a new "ClipMate Updates" or "ClipMate News" item appears on the main menu.  Click to view the news about the update, which will contain any download links.  For more information, see Automatic Update Check / ClipMate News.

Sort Collections Alphabetically

This determines the order in which collections appear in the Collection Tree and on the Select Collection, and Move/Copy to Collection menus.  They can be ordered alphabetically, or by "sort key".  If you use "sort key", you will order the collections in the Collection Tree by moving them up/down with the menu or the +/- keys.

Explorer Layout

Full Width Editor - The editor uses the full width of the Explorer window, forcing a shorter Collection Tree.
Full Height Collection Tree - The Collection Tree uses the full height of the Explorer window, forcing a narrower Editor.