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Important Information For ClipMate 5 Users Upgrading To ClipMate 6

Making The Transition

There is a "differences from v5" page in the help system.  We have put a copy online.  Please review it here:

Please review the "Viewlets" (short, Macromedia Flash animations) that discuss the differences and new features:

  Also See: More Viewlets


Q: How much does it cost?

A: The upgrade is $19.95 for a downloaded version, which gives you a key that will work with all future 6.x versions.  See: Pricing & Availability.

Q: Why didn't I get a free upgrade?

A: We sent free upgrades to most registered users purchasing after April 15, 2002.  If you think you qualified and didn't get your key, please:

  • Check your e-mail. 
  • Check your other e-mail.
  • Check your old/home/work e-mail
  • Check your "spam" folder in your e-mail
  • Check your credit card records to be sure that you purchased AFTER April 15, 2002.
  • Finally, after exhausting the above, send a NICE note to and we will be happy to  look into it for you.

Q: I see two ClipMate tasks running for version 6.

A: That is normal. The second task is providing compression and protection for the main program.  It consumes very little memory, I/O and no resources.

Q: How do I make ClipMate Explorer stay "always on top"?

A: ClipMate Explorer won't stay on-top anymore, not that it is a separate window from ClipMate Classic.  Explorer caused too many problems when it was always on top.  For instance, if ClipMate needs to show you a dialog or alert message, the dialog often was buried behind Explorer, and you couldn't click on the OK button.  This usually required a reboot or task list kill in order to get ClipMate working again. 

Take a look at the "Tack" option in Classic. When you click the drop-down button to expose the ClipList, you can "tack" it open by clicking the "tack" icon in the lower-left.  Now Classic will stay open, showing you the ClipList and preview.  And this WILL stay on-top.  Furthermore, if you want to edit a clip, you can always pop open and editor with the F2 key.  With these tricks, you will likely find that the "always on top" option for Explorer is unnecessary.

Q: Is There A Printed Manual?

A: No, we've given up on printed manuals.  They go out of date too quickly.  We've never been willing to hold up software releases just so that we could use up old inventory.  So now we have hundreds of obsolete manuals, brochures, etc.. 

So the documentation is available in PDF format.  Please see the Download Page, and you can download the PDF to browse, or print. 

Note We DO still have CDs, and they look very nice in their full-color mailer. 

Here are more FAQs


ClipMate - Latest Release Latest Version:


Release Notes

ClipMate wins "Best Application" at the 2007 Shareware Industry Awards.

ClipMate "Portable" runs on your USB "thumb" drive!
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