Purchasing ClipMate

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During your evaluation of ClipMate, you have been using an EVALUATION license (Shareware license) which entitles you to use ClipMate for 30 days while you evaluate its usefulness.  After this time you are required to purchase a Registered Copy.  If you feel that ClipMate doesn't meet your needs, or for any reason you decide that you don't want to purchase a registered copy, you are required to delete the program from your computer.  This is the ultimate "Try Before You Buy" marketing method.

Purchasing your registered copy of ClipMate entitles you to continue using the product, and restores full functionality to any disabled functions.  Also, the Registration Reminder screens will be removed!  You will also have access to our technical support.

NOTICE: Continued use of the unregistered version of ClipMate past the 30 day evaluation period is a violation of federal copyright laws.  See our Licensing Agreement.

How to Order

Simply visit our web site at http://www.clipmate.com or the web site of an authorized ClipMate dealer in your region, and you can order a registration key online.  Your personalized registration key will be generated, and send to your e-mail account within minutes.  Or if you prefer to order by phone, fax, or snail mail, we can accommodate that too.


Upgrades fall into 4 categories:

1.Free upgrades will be granted to those who purchased ClipMate 6.5 within 1 year of the ClipMate 7 release.  The Cut-Off date is Oct 15, 2004.
Users of ClipMate 6 who purchased within 1 year of the ClipMate 7 release will receive an upgrade key, sent to the e-mail address that was used for the initial purchase.  We expect to have these upgrade keys mailed by Oct 31, 2005. Please do not e-mail us asking for your key before then, we are busy sending them out.
Also, make sure that your spam settings allow e-mail from thornsoft.com
2.Qualified Version 6 Customers - For a limited time, users of ClipMate 6 who purchased before October 15, 2004 can purchase ClipMate 7 as an upgrade for $19.95 by following this UPGRADE link.
3.Users of Previous Versions - Users of ClipMate5 and earlier can receive a $5 discount coupon by e-mailing their name and previous registration key to sales@thornsoft.com with the subject: ClipMate 7 Upgrade Coupon Request.
4.Mixed Licenses - Sometimes a user has an original v6 purchase from 2-3 years ago, and then an "expansion"  later on, which may fall into the "free upgrade" window.  Or perhaps you need to add more seats as you upgrade.  In this case, or any other complex licensing question,  please contact us for a detailed quote.

Companies and Institutions

If you work for a company, government, or institution, you may need to have your purchasing department order for you.  That's ok!  They can order online, they can call us, or they can fax use the order form.  We've included it - the link is below.

Order from our web site - www.thornsoft.com  We offer secure ordering through Plimus, eSellerate, and PayPal.
Fax/Snail Mail order form - order.txt
View Site License Pricing Online

There's an order form right on your hard disk, which they can fax to us