End User License Agreement

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There is a formal EULA agreement in your program directory, called EULA.TXT, which you had the opportunity to review at installation time.

Basically it says that for the registered version, you can use the software on one computer - plus one other if you are the primary user.  If you have a desktop and a laptop, and even if they are networked and in use at the same time, then you don't need to buy another license.  But if you want to run it on 3 computers, or have other users using the other computers, then you DO need to buy additional licenses.


Q: I have a desktop and a laptop or second computer.  Do I need multiple licenses?

A: You can run one extra copy for your laptop or a second networked computer if you are the primary user of each.  The license manager will prevent more than one extra copy from running.

Q: I use the software at work, and want to use it at home as well.  Do I need multiple licenses?

A: You can run the software at home too, but only on one computer.

Q: I want to use it on two computers on the same network.  Do I need multiple licenses?

A: You can run one extra copy if you are the primary user of the other computer.  But if you need to run simultaneously on more than two computers, or have other people using the software, then additional licenses are required.  For example, if you move between two stations, then one license covers you.  But not if you use it on more than two stations, and not if the other stations are used by your co-workers, secretaries, etc..

Q: I have lots of users - is a site license available?

A: Yes - see our web site for multi-user discounts.

Q: In a multi-user situation, does everyone use the same key, or different keys?

A: This can vary.  Suppose you have 10 users, and buy a 10-user key. That can be used up to 10 times concurrently.  If you then decide that you need 25 seats, then you would purchase a new key for 15 users.  Or, you may have any mixture of single and multiple-seat keys, as long as you don't exceed the total licensing for any given key.  You can work with our customer service to merge smaller keys into bigger ones, if you need to.

Q: My wife and I use the same computer.  Do we need multiple licenses?

A: No - every user of the same computer can use the same license.

Q: What about "fast user switching" in XP?  We have 5 accounts, and they're often all logged in.

A: The same license will cover all copies - even if they are running at the same time, as long as they are on the same machine.

Q: I want to use Terminal Services (or another similar product) and run one copy of ClipMate on the server, and have multiple users use the same license.  Is that allowed?

A: No - you need to license each as many users as will simultaneously access the server and use ClipMate.