Upgrading from ClipMate 6

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Introducing ClipMate 7 > Installation... > Upgrading from ClipMate 6

If you have ClipMate 6 on your system, then you will want to keep these things in mind:

1.Install ClipMate 7 into its own directory.
2.When you run ClipMate 6, it will ask if you would like to use the data and settings from version 6. If you choose yes, then version 7 will use the same database that you had before, possibly renaming the directory to reflect ClipMate 7.  Once this has been done, older installations of ClipMate 6 cannot find the database.  If  you choose not to use the data and settings, it will install as a "fresh" installation. You can then import data from the v6 database by running a database restore (File | Database Maintenance | Restore Database) and using your last backup file, created with version 6.  It's likely held in your "my documents" folder, and is named like this: ClipMate6_<databasename>_<date/time>.ZIP
ex: ClipMate6_DB_My Clips_2005-08-06_1519.ZIP
3.After you are comfortable with ClipMate 7, and have verified that all of your data is intact, you can then uninstall version 6 and remove its data directory.  You may want to make an archive of the old data on CD-ROM, ZIP disk, etc..
4.Note: Your ClipMate 6 registration key will not work - you must purchase an upgrade key from Thornsoft Development, or an authorized reseller.