Entering Your Registration Key - Step By Step

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ClipMate's registration key is really too long to type accurately, so we've made a "smart pasting" function where you can copy and paste from your order confirmation e-mail (sent to all registered users).  We can re-send this e-mail upon request - just send a note to sales@thornsoft.com with "ClipMate Key" in the subject, and your name/address in the body.

The e-mail contains a "key block", similar to this:


[Registered To: ] Joe W. User Sr.

[7.0 Key:] HQPRX3-GJ4HXP-P8H3QQ-Q45GW7-7U768P-E5XM4M-1PB5RK-RA05PZ




Just copy the whole block, including the BEGIN/END lines, then open the "Enter Registration Key" dialog, found under the Help menu.  The key should be automatically "discovered", entered, and validated.

The registration block may be formatted differently, and it may contain keys for older versions as well. Or it may just appear as two lines, which you would copy together:

Joe W. User Sr. 




Or it may be formatted like this:

Registration Information:
Serial Number Name: Joe W. User Sr.


For any of these formats, just copy part shown in BOLD.


Step by Step:

1.Run ClipMate.
2.Access your order confirmation e-mail, as shown above.
3.Just highlight the key block as shown above, and Copy to the clipboard (right-click, Copy).
4.In ClipMate, you'll see the menu along the top of either ClipMate Classic or Explorer. File, Edit, Tools, View, and Help. Select Help, and from there, select "Enter Registration Key".
5.As soon as the "enter key" dialog opens, a bit of "magic" happens.  Since you copied the key block to the clipboard in step 3, the "enter key" dialog senses this, and processes it.  Just wait a few seconds, and it should confirm the registration.
6.If the key fails to confirm, just copy/pate the name and key from the e-mail directly into the fields. But JUST the data - no "begin/end" or "[key]" markers.  Just the name, and the key, as provided in the e-mail.  Then click "Validate", and you should be done.
7.Visit the Help | About box to confirm that it shows your name in the "registered to" field.
8.You are done!  Make a backup of your registration confirmation in a safe place (print out, save to disk, etc..)


Note: This is not a valid key, and is only shown for sample purposes.

Note: No communication takes place with our servers - the program validates the key all on its own.

Note: There may be multiple keys present, for example, we may provide keys for older versions to accommodate users who cannot upgrade to the latest due to corporate standards.  ClipMate will pick the one that is valid for THIS version of the program.

Note: ClipMate 6 keys and ClipMate 5 keys will NOT work with ClipMate 7. Except for customers purchasing ClipMate 6.5  within the free upgrade window, this is considered a "pay for upgrade", with discounts for licensed owners of Version 6 who purchased prior to Jan 1, 2005.

Manual Entry:

If you are going to type the key (from a hardcopy perhaps), you only type the parts shown below in BOLD:


[Registered To: ] Joe W. User Sr. 

[ClipMate 5 Key:] G01127211626946

[ClipMate 6 Key:] A9CA-5512-XY34-3325-C32C-1E8C-9E5A-DAB6-EB92-7EFB-61BE

[7.0 Key:] HQPRX3-GJ4HXP-P8H3QQ-Q45GW7-7U768P-E5XM4M-1PB5RK-RA05PZ

Number of Users:  1



eSellerate Format:

Registration Information:
Serial Number Name: Joe W. User Sr.