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ClipMate stalls at startup or refuses to start

Certain types of database corruption can cause this. You should be able to recover easily though. Close ClipMate if it is "hung", and start it again while holding down the SHIFT key.  This should bring up the Start/Recovery menu. From there, you can try several things:

  • Database Repair - start with this.
  • Restore Database From Backup - use this if you have a recent backup from before the trouble started.  
  • Open Database Directory - use this to open the database directory in a Windows Explorer window. Now you can quit ClipMate, and in the  Windows Explorer Window, you can delete all of the files in the database, and get a "fresh start".  
  • Reset All Settings - this wipes out the settings, in case a setting is causing the trouble. Upon re-starting, you'll be prompted for a database location. You can pick/create a new folder, and you'll start with a fresh, empty database.  Or, pick the same folder if you think your data is ok (and not causing the startup trouble in the first place).


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