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For security I use a VMware virtual machine (VM) along with my normal install of Windows 7.I have clipmate installed in both environments.The purpose of VMs is to create a totally separate secure environment that avoids anything in the VM from affecting the host environment unless specifically given permission to do so in VMware settings.Clipmate appears to violate this isolation. Often, but not always, A clip capture in the VM will also appear in the HOST clipboard.It would be great to close this leak.Is that possible?

It's not a leak, it's expected behavior.  VMWare has an option to sync the clipboard of the VM with the host. If that is on, updating one of the clipboards will update the other one.  So ClipMate gets the data when the host clipboard is updated. If you don't want that behavior, turn it off.

Note that most remote desktop apps (RemDesk, etc..) have the same feature/problem, depending on your point of view.

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