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The User Interface > Main Toolbar Buttons > Append

Append will combine several text Clips into one big Clip.  There are two ways to append data:

1.        You can select several clips in the ClipList and glue them together, creating one big clip.  Items are glued top-down, or bottom-up, depending on which direction the clips were chosen.  Note that the specific ORDER is not preserved, but the general DIRECTION is.

2.        If you turn Append on without selecting multiple clips, then it will enter the "Auto-Append" mode, where all new clips are appended to a new clip, that keeps on growing.  Much like a giant snowball running downhill.

Using either method, items are appended according to the "Append Rules".  See: Capturing .

Note that this used to be called "Glue".
Note that Glue is available only for TEXT items, and will not glue other formats such as Bitmap, Picture, Rich Text Format, etc.
Note that when capturing items in Auto-Glue mode, there is a different "pop" sound, so that you know you're appending.
Alternate Access: Edit | Append menu option.