How do I Move ClipMate To A New Computer?

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How Do I... > How do I Move ClipMate To A New Computer? 

If you get a new PC (for whatever reason - we've heard hundreds) you'll certainly want to take ClipMate with you.  This also applies to those of you recovering from hard drive crashes, rebuilds after virus attack, etc..

The process is simple:

1.Locate your registration key. In ClipMate 7.2 or later, go to the Help | About ClipMate menu, and on the About box, use the orange "ClipBoard" button to place the license key onto the clipboard (along with some other info).
2.Back up the data on the old machine, using File | Database Maintenance | Backup Database.  You will now have a backup file named something like this: ClipMate7_DB_My Clips_2007-04-13_0041.ZIP.  Note that the date and database name are part of the file name, and will be different on your system.  
3.Place the backup file somewhere that the new PC can get it*.
4.Install a new version of ClipMate** onto the new PC. Run the program, and establish your new database location.  It's ok to run in trial mode until after you have restored the data.
5.Restore the data from the backup, using File | Database Maintenance | Restore Database From Backup.

6.   Enter your registration key. If you saved registration information in step 1, your top clip in the InBox should be titled "About ClipMate".  It contains the license, plus other data. Just remove all lines except for the two that contain your name/key, then you can go to Help | Enter Registration Key, and it should see your key on the clipboard and validate it for you.  Otherwise, try to find your registration confirmation e-mail that we sent when you ordered ClipMate.  If you don't have your name/key combination recorded anywhere, we can help if you send an e-mail to: with the subject: "ClipMate Key Request".  Please include all relevant information, including your full name, business name, address, present and past e-mail addresses.


* You can transfer the ZIP file to the new PC using any method necessary. Including and not limited to:  over a network,  CD-R, ZIP disks, USB Flash devices, digital cameras (memory card acts like a disk drive), e-mail, laplink, etc..  It probably WON'T fit on a floppy diskette.

** You can move from ClipMate 6 to ClipMate 7 as you do this, as ClipMate 7 can restore a database created with ClipMate 6.